About Death, Episode 20

I don't need to feel unjust because others don't understand me. I mean, I probably don't understand so much of others myself... I studied when I had to... and went out when I had to. I try to be strict with myself. That way... I can be tolerant of others. I just love people. It'd … Lanjutkan membaca About Death, Episode 20


B Oakman in Anxiety Doesn’t Knock First said,

I lied and I said I was busy. I was busy; but not in a way most people understand. I was busy taking deeper breaths. I was busy silencing irrational thoughts. I was busy calming a racing heart. I was busy telling myself I am okay. Sometimes, this is my busy, and I will not … Lanjutkan membaca B Oakman in Anxiety Doesn’t Knock First said,

Dari Paulo-Doa Sufi

Oh God, when I listen to the voices of animals, the sounds of trees, the murmurings of water, the singing of birds, the whistling of the wind, or the boom of thunder, I see in them evidence of Your unity; I feel that You are supreme power, omniscience, supreme knowledge, and supreme justice. I recognize … Lanjutkan membaca Dari Paulo-Doa Sufi